Build your subscriber database! Great content is one of the key indicators of the brand's success. This plugin enables you to send notifications to subscribed user regularly. Design numerous subscription topics and personalize the message for each of them. Create valuable and irresistible content that the audience will never want to stop following. Track and evaluate its performance and precise your targeting even more.

Przykłady użycia wtyczki Newsletter

  • You can send a newsletter with news depending on the industry in which you operate, and devide it in various topics: education, brand, employee possibilities etc.
  • This is the perfect way to share with users your blog posts and articles

How to configure?

Final effect

Tips & tricks

Did you know, that the open rate of Messenger notifications is on average 80-90%? In comparison, the open rate of emails newsletter is about 20%, and organic reach of posts on Facebook - 5%.

Facebook Messenger 24h+1 rule does not apply in newsletter!