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We make it simple.

Run successful marketing campaigns. Automate customer service. Replace your mobile app. Chatbotize lets you build chatbot with ready to use plugins in just few minutes!

Automate customer service

Answer automatically for frequently asked questions thanks to our AI engine. Time saved spend on... more creative activities!

Increase conversion

With Chatbotize plugins you run your marketing campaign and create activities that maximize the potential of Messenger (and other messaging platforms), resulting in conversion of even ... 90%!

Build your audience

Engage your audience, clients, users, fans - encourage them to interact with your chatbot and in return… you can always come back to them with an interesting news or a new feature!

Increase sales

In just few clicks connect your e-commerce with Messenger and let the AI work! Increase conversion, minimize cart abandonment, maintain a relationship with the client - join the group of top innovator using Messenger chatbots and increase your sales!

Replace your mobile app

Messaging app is already in your user's phone! Automate your business cases and lower the Customer Acquisition Cost!


It Is Simple!

Everything is an easy to configure plugin. You think about business and creative stuff - Chatbotize takes care of technology and science!

No hard to understand diagrams and workflows

Run any activity & solve business case with plugin

Everything is a plugin!

Don’t be afraid that your user will be at an impasse situation

A Plugin For Every Need

Being universal makes Avocode a great fit for teams.

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Need a bespoke plugin?

Let us know, we are ready to build dedicated one!



With Chatbotize you can build your bot on various messaging platforms.




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Google Messages

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With Chatbotize you can build your bot on various messaging platforms.

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