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A set of AI-driven products that automate communication, engage customers, and make customer service teams better, faster, stronger.

Chatbotize - Chatbot - Yves RocherChatbotize - Chatbot - Yves RocherChatbotize - Chatbot - Yves RocherChatbotize - Chatbot - Yves RocherChatbotize - Chatbot - Yves RocherChatbotize - Chatbot - Yves RocherChatbotize - Chatbot - Yves Rocher

Customer support

Superpowers for your team, happiness for your customers

Help your customers faster and accurately. Create your own AI-based chatbots that handle the most common questions from all the channels. And if the case requires human help, our AI algorithms will identify the issue and deliver it to the right person. As your agents talk with customers, our technology not only suggests the answers but also continually learns how to take care of more and more issues automatically.



Personalized. Omnichannel. Automated.

Build your brand image with positive customer experience on Messenger, WhatsApp, your mobile app or website. You can easily engage customers, personalize communication and automate marketing processes. Simply choose from a couple dozen ready-to-use modules and install them in a few clicks or mix and match them to create a new one, tailor-made for your needs.

Lead generation

Don’t miss an opportunity. Create one instead!

Use the real-time communication channels and easily acquire new customers. Chatbotize is the right tool for collecting leads or scheduling meetings. You can engage your sales agents in the process or fully automate it.


One platform to connect them all!

All-in-one solution for all your needs.

Our AI algorithms improve conversation experience to everyone, no matter what platform they use. Your customers can reach you using Messenger, WhatsApp, web chat or mobile apps and get their answers quickly. Automatically for majority of the questions. And in more complex cases, our tool will help your teams exchange information and focus on what’s really important.

Chatbotize at MessengerChatbotize at ChatChatbotize at WhatsappChatbotize at Google Asystent

Industry leaders choose Chatbotize

Chatbotize - Chatbot - InPost

— Cooperation was fantastic. High quality of services and invaluable expertise influenced the final result of the project. Chatbot has become flagship solution in our customer support.

InPost Team




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Chatbotize - Chatbot - Yves Rocher

— Chatbotize combines the energy and creativity characteristic for a startup with the experience and reliability that we expect from the leading players on the market

Marta Kałuska

Marketing Manager @ Yves Rocher


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