Messenger Code

Messenger Code

Z offline sveta to onlinu v pár sekundách! Messenger kód funguje rovnako ako referal linky s tým rozdielom, že to prináša traffic z offline sveta priamo do vášho chatbota. Ako to funguje? Vytvorte dedikovaný kód pre daný segment či zdroj. Pridajte tento kód na obal vašich produktov, letáčik alebo merchandising. Ihneď ako bude kód oskenovaný chytrým telefónom chatbot sa automaticky otvorý v prostredí Messengera s personalizovanou úvodnou správou chatbota.

Przykłady użycia wtyczki Messenger Code

Where to put your Messenger Code? There are many possibilities:

  • on business cards and watch how interested customers check your offer in chatbot
  • on external advertisements (DOOH) - start the story, break it down at the least expected moment and encourage the user to scan the code to find out more!
  • on conference and training materials, etc. - thanks to the personalized welcome that you can set up on Chatbotize, participants will feel special
  • in your store - right at the checkout, customers can get a shopping discount, join a loyalty program or learn more about the product by scanning the code
  • in the office, bank, post office - while waiting in another user is able to get answers to your questions in chatbot!

Tips & tricks

TIP # 1 - "Unlock" access to content in your chatbot only for people who will scan the Messenger Code, e.g., an unusual competition or quiz