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BY Chatbotize Team
10 months ago
Chatbotize - Chatbot

Building healthy habits, taking care of a proper nutrition, regular training - these are only a few challenges in the lives of people who want to take care of their health. This requires strong will and determination, which is why we often reach for the help of a personal trainer who protects our healthy lifestyle. On the other side, a personal trainer is facing the challenge of gaining new clients as well as passive income. So what if ... a personal trainer would be able to create his/her virtual ego that would work when the/she trains or as well sleeps?

Your virtual secretary

9 missed calls? 7 SMS messages? 5 notifications on the Messenger, and all this during one workout? Save your time and hire a chatbot! Define your availability and let him work 24/7 foe you. Chatbot will present to your clients available appointment slots of your personal training and at the send time it will notify them with a training reminder, so they can never ever tell you - "Oops, I forgot"! :)

Professional help 24/7

Many customers have doubts about the use of supplements, diets, and specific exercises. And you need to probably always answer the same set of questions to them. The solution is a simple within your chatbot create a knowledge base about products, exercises and diets. It is enough for the client to write a question to the chatbot - in order to automatically give a factual answer on behalf of the you or even lead him/her to a valuable article.

Chatbotize - Chatbot

A continuous dose of motivation!

Everyday stretching? Regular water hydration ? 30 days for abdominal muscles challenge? Good chatbot will help in building good habits. Create a mini-challenge for your followers and chatbot will send them a notification every day reminding them to complete a task such as: “Do not forget to undergo a set of exercises right now!”. Be sure to check results after! Do you still remind your customers how important it is to drink water regularly? Good news is that the chatbot can automatically send messages like- "Hey, it is time to drink a glass of delicious water?!"

Share knowledge

Have you created materials that can help your clients? Or maybe a set of exercises or a diet? Share them in chatbot for free with your customers. Do you want higher engagement? No problem - chatbot will automatically send anytime you tell him to a notifications with some interesting information, even every day. Show your clients how much you care about them on daily basis and win their hearts.

These few simple solutions will make you become a personal trainer of the 21st century - a trainer who can use the most up-to-date technologies in order to be always right there where the clients need him/her. Be ready for the side effects - you will have more free time and more new and engaged! :)