How to integrate your bot with Facebook Messenger

BY Monika Richardson
9 days ago
Chatbotize - Chatbot

Don't know why your chatbot doesn't answer when a user starts a conversation? Maybe you want the chatbot to be the first contact with someone, but you want to be able to redirect to a consultant if needed? Are you wondering how you can connect your chatbot to a given fanpage? Don't know where to start? We'll provide with information on how to attach the bot to your page below!

1. How to integrate your bot with Facebook Messenger

First things first! You have to log in to your Chatbotize account and Facebook.

  1. On the Chatbotize platform, in the main menu you will find the Management icon. You can then select the chatbot that you want to connect to your fanpage.
  2. After selecting your target fanpage, you'll find two buttons on the right. The first is Upgrade and the second is Manage. Select the Manage button.

fanpage 1

  1. After the profile of the selected chatbot is activated, press the Connectors button in the main menu. It's just above Management.

fanpage 2

  1. Now you will see a page with a large inscription "Login to Facebook". Press this button and continue according to the Facebook instructions:

fanpage 3

  • log in to your Facebook account
  • select the fanpage that's to be connected to the chatbot
  • select the type of permissions you want your chatbot from Chatbotize to have
  • accept the changes

Congratulations! Your chatbot will now run properly on your fanpage!

2. How to configure a handover?

Okay, so your chatbot is already connected to the Messenger of your fanpage, but this isn't enough to be activate the Handover plugin for your fanpage. More about the Handover plugin here.

  1. Go to, log in and switch from your private profile to the fanpage profile.
  2. In the upper right corner you'll find the Settings button.

fb ts en

  1. In Settings, select "Messenger Platform". Find the "Subscribed Applications" section and follow these steps:
  • select App settings -> Configuration


  • for the Chatbotize application, select "Primary Receiver".
  • for other applications like Facebook Inbox, select "Secondary Receiver".


  1. Go to the Chatbotize platform and configure the Handover module, i.e. how the bot should behave when it doesn't understand the user's question. You can also connect a support contact button in the main chatbot menu.