Chatbot - the secret weapon of digital marketers

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BY Radana Simakova & Magda Trybus
a month ago
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Chatbot marketing is right now a highly trending secret weapon of digital marketers as well as business owners. Why still a secret? The number of businesses using this type of marketing is still minor. Unfortunately, most of the time it is connected with low awareness of its benefits and/or negative connections with the word “bot”.

Therefore, in this article, we explore what market trends stand behind the current and future development of chatbot marketing, known also as conversational marketing. Although I would rather call it a conversational transformation of our markets as the usage of these techniques is limitless.

Shortening of the customer experience journey

Try to guess how much information can we capture and remember in only 8 seconds? Well, I am sure right now you are thinking something like this: …” That is why my ad's performance is going down and my marketing activities and budgets up!” Microsoft found that since the year 2000 (or about when the mobile revolution began) the average attention span dropped from 12 seconds to eight seconds.”

Customers are digitally empowered and their time and attention became a precious asset that they do not share with everybody so easily.

They do not have time for in-depth search of product information, nor they have the necessity due to highly competitive markets.

The trend of shortening customer journey, i.e. make the way you sell your product unforgettable and quicker than ever, is pushing the digital world to use new technologies and solutions that would fulfill and exceed this need of your customers.

Therefore, we need to be where our customers are and we should definitely innovate the way we market our products and brand as such.

The future lies in experience, conversations, dialogs and in the brand's real value!

Personalized experience

Our customers want to feel engaged, they want to be a part of a brand that acts and improves the quality of our lives. Also, our customers want to feel appreciated and accomplished. Our products and services represent who they are consequently, they strive to get personalized treatment.

On the other side, brands and companies are dealing with challenges that force them to find the most efficient way that will achieve their desired results like omnichannel, segmentation tool, online customer journey tracker, recommendation module and so on. These techniques have one thing in common, can you guess? In none of them, the customer's voice is being actively engaged. Chatbot marketing, i.e. conversational marketing, allows us to let the customers say exactly what they need in a very interactive way that will fulfill most of their need. And in the same way, the company will get the exact knowledge they are missing or trying to accomplish with the above-mentioned techniques.

Thus, implementing this interactive and memorable element into the current strategies will certainly exceed everyone's expectations. Furthermore, this concept is also rooted in the so-called IKEA effect or customer co-creation methods.

Virtual reality, automation, AI, and the world of new technologies!

Last but not least, the evolution of modern technologies is rapidly changing every day. Undoubtedly, it affects our behavior, needs, attention, and communication. Also, it is becoming more and more accessible for fields like marketing, sales or customer care where no rocket science is required. And the best way to be ahead of our competitors is to always try and adapt to this rapid technological revolution that changes the way we see the world.

Digitalization is a continuous process without a given end. Therefore, we should always strive to be ahead of it and bring new innovative solutions. And at Chatbotize we do exactly this! Our team is constantly enhancing and developing the next future digital trend!

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