Chatbot in gastronomy? 5 user cases, that will revolutionise your business!

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BY Chatbotize Team
a year ago

Gastronomy is a sector that requires a special focus when it comes to customer needs. Although theoretically the most important is the taste and the service of the place, but one cannot forget about the way the guests comes to the actual table. To effectively encourage and later retain a potential client, it is worth using the chatbot as well here, as it will behave as an extended care before and after the service our clients experience with us. So lets see how exactly we chatbot can do this:

1. Chatbot will accept a table reservation

With the current technological trends, managing our daily schedule via Messenger seems to be a natural step. In this case, the restaurant can create several available timing slots that will be automatically booked by chatbot once a client will ask for it directly in Messenger. And within a few second and already clients contact registered in the Messenger segmentation tool all is completed.

2. Let chatbot present your menu

Let your chatbot also present the current meal specialties to your clients…and do it in fun and engaging way, ask you customer about his/her preferences and let the chatbot suggest him/her the right meal choice. Moreover, the new client will have also time to share his personalised menu proposal with other, who might also join him/her for the meal.


3. Dish of the day reminder

Is your restaurant serving a different lunch every day? Or do you offer weekly meal specialties? Let chatbot remind your guests about it. Every morning, a short message will be sent informing them about the daily menu or that the menu has changed. Is this too much? No problem, chatbot can remind you audience also about the upcoming weekly specials once a week. So they know when to come for their favourite dish!

4. Do you want to build a network of loyal customers? Use a chatbot!

Build a loyalty program for your restaurant thanks to chatbots! Send promotions, discount codes, or transform your loyalty points to a digital version that anybody can access within few click. Be where your customers their pocket and daily meal plan!

Loyalty screens

5. Chatbot will accept take-out orders

Do you offer take-away meals? Great, chatbot will gladly accept orders placed by customers. For your client it will be a more natural process and less time-consuming than searching on a website or downloading a dedicated mobile application. Talking to a bot on a messenger is like talking to a friend - so let your chatbot become an online companion of your clients.

As you can see, chatbot has many applications - both for restaurant chains, small businesses, as well as businesses on wheels. And because the topic is developing rapidly, these ideas are just the beginning of chatbot's opportunities.