When we were children, a lot of us loved a good puzzle. This plugin enables you to configure such puzzles entirely in your chatbot. Determine how many chances should your user get, decide what should happen after he makes the correct guess and what should happen when he doesn’t. And what if he is out of chances? Well, that’s up to you, too!

Use cases for

  • The Monty Hall problem: Should the tv game participant switch door? (Yes)
  • Which wheel does not spin when turning right? (Spare wheel)
  • What can travel around the world while staying in a corner? (Stamp)

How to configure?

Final effect

Tips & tricks

You can reward user's correct response with a promo code (all you need to do is connect the Promo codes plugin to the chatbot response to the correct answer).

Riddles are not only fun but also an irreplaceable training for the mind. They teach logical and even abstract thinking, quick association and combining of facts, deduction and cunning.

Case studies

Yves Rocher creates puzzles about the brand, which is good for brand recognition and awareness.