Promo codes

Promo codes

Increase your sales smartly! This is a simple and effective solution that will automatically distribute personalized promotional codes or generic codes within any chatbot scenario that you will choose. Use it as a reward for competition, quiz or just as a nice gesture that will surprise your audience.

Przykłady użycia wtyczki Promo codes

  • Promo code as a reward after the Quiz
  • Promo code as additional motivation to take part in the Challenge
  • Broadcast with a promo code sent to users who clicked on a specific Offer but did not interact for the next seven days

How to configure?

Final effect

Tips & tricks

People love rewards, surprises, and gifts! Research indicates that we're the happiest with unexpected ones - surprise your users by sending them a promo code at the least expected moment.

Use promo codes as a form of reward for participation in a quiz, challenge, puzzle, etc.

Case studies

Pyrkon distributed promo codes of festival's partner - Multikino - for Avengers movie.