Who doesn't like winning? This plugin allows you to organize an engaging contest that will increase the activity of the audience in your chatbot. Give them an original contest assignment and select what type of interactive piece the attendees need to submit. At the end announce the winners and do not forget to reward every contestant with some special surprise!

Use cases for

  • organize contest for the most creative photo with your product
  • answer the question of the day and win!
  • describe your funniest adventure
  • send a GPS location from a festival with a picture of you having fun

How to configure?

Final effect

Tips & tricks

Mix the entry types for your contest. Image and description? Image and GPS location? Why not!

Use Promo codes plugin and give discounts for your products to all contest participants!

Case studies

Pyrkon - a fantasy festival - organized a contest in which users were asked to write... who of the fantastic characters and why should become a couple ❤️