Engage, challenge, inform, educate or entertain your audience about your brand and products. Design this campaign for as many days as you want. Choose the notification time. And prepare catchy and valuable content or task that will be every day automatically send to your users.

Przykłady użycia wtyczki Challenge

  • 30 Day Fit Body Challenge - workout or recipes for every day
  • 14 Days With Classic Literature - different quote/book recommendation/book review for each day
  • Smoking Cessation After 20 Days - a daily dose of motivation
  • How to Plan Your Dream Trip to Asia - step by step guide, every step will be sent each day

How to configure?

Final effect

Tips & tricks

Make your challenge exciting and engaging. Experiment with activities for each day - use the Quiz, Puzzle or Promo Code plugins.

Case studies

Body Boom has used Challenge for sending users daily beauty tips & tricks.