Take advantage of more than 80% open rates and send push notifications to (all!) your consumers for free! You can do it instantaneously or schedule it for an exact time. It’s a great way to notify your users about upcoming contests, sales or a new product launch ;)

Use cases for

  • Tell users when launching new products
  • Surprise with an unexpected promotional code
  • Inform about upcoming events (competitions, discounts, meetups)
  • Remind that it's the last day to buy tickets at a lower price
  • Inform about emergencies, such as a moved/canceled flight

How to configure?

Final effect

Tips & tricks

Passive users must click on the CTA button in your message, in order keeping them in your base. Create an engaging welcome message and make a user want to discover more.

Open rate (the percent of users who will read your message) for Messenger push notifications is higher than 80%!