Push notifications

Push notifications

Take advantage of >80% open rates and send (push) messages to your audience for free! You can do it instantly or schedule the message for an exact time. Notify users about upcoming competition, sale or new product launch.

Przykłady użycia wtyczki Push notifications

  • Tell users when launching new products
  • Surprise with an unexpected promotional code
  • Inform about upcoming events (competitions, discounts, meetups)
  • Remind that it's the last day to buy tickets at a lower price
  • Inform about emergencies, such as a moved/canceled flight

How to configure?

Tips & tricks

Passive users must click on the CTA button in your message, in order keeping them in your base. Create an engaging welcome message and make a user want to discover more.

Open rate (the percent of users who will read your message) for Messenger push notifications is higher than 80%!