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How recruiters can get the most out of chatbots?
As the talent pool continues to tighten and thousands of vacancies remain unfilled, recruiters face new challenges to attract highly skilled candidates. At the same time, job seekers expect a smooth recruitment process that is even similar to the customer experience and other interactions they have on a daily basis. Regardless of the result of the hiring process, everyone needs clear communication and information flow. Yet, way too many people never hear back from a company after applying for a job. Candidates blame recruiters for that, but the reality for the majority of HR departments is a high number of applications and a constant time pressure. Besides, the recruitment process is full of manual and redundant tasks that in an ideal situation would be performed by an assistant, but this is not a common situation. Fortunately, technology comes to the rescue, and a growing number of recruiters now take advantage of chatbots. These virtual assistants have become extraordinarily popular, especially in sales and delivering a customer experience, but they’re steadily paving their way into other industries too, including HR. In short, recruitment chatbots are conversational interface platforms that assist with different recruitment-oriented processes, such as initial screenings or gathering information from candidates. They can simply use a plain script, but modern chatbots equipped with NLP (natural language processing) and NLU (natural language understanding) capabilities can understand written and spoken languages to successfully mimic people’s conversational abilities. AI-powered chatbots can handle complex conversations and respond naturally thanks to the wide sets of data that they can learn from. Although there is powerful technology behind chatbots, they can still be easy to use and to set up. All of that makes them perfect companions for busy recruiters. At the same time, candidates also have many reasons to appreciate chatbots. They improve and fasten communication and are available for questions 24/7, which is essential for candidates who complete the application process outside their business hours. Chatbots can significantly cut the time between submitting an application and a successful hire, which is a win-win for both candidates and recruiters.
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