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BY Chatbotize Team
a day ago
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We’ve got an important announcement for you! Today we’ve released an improved version of our platform. Due to that:

  • Chatbotize works 30% faster.
  • We’ve significantly enhanced dashboard navigation. Now it’s more transparent, functional and user friendly.
  • The new feature, which is called: Workspaces, has been added to Chatbotize.
  • Inbox has been integrated with Chatbotize, so it’s no more detached application.
  • We’ve implemented integration with WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento. to automate answers related to order status.
  • Settings tab offers now more options.
  • AI Consultant became an individual tab in the main dashboard.
  • From now on, the analysis tab offers you a wide range of sophisticated statistics like total % of automated traffic, which automation works the best, which not, and much more.


Finally we can say it loud! We are ready to announce Workspaces! With Workspaces you can create sub-accounts which are accessible from one dashboard. Every workspace has its own inbox and can have many chatbots. You can manage who has access to a particular workspace. Let’s see an example:

John and Elizabeth are Content Specialists in a marketing agency. John is responsible for all chatbots, which have been created for Company A, and Elizabeth takes care of all chatbots for Company B. Emily is a Content Manager. She is responsible for all activities of colleagues from her team.


In the main dashboard, you will find all available workspaces on the top of the list located on the left side of the panel:

workspaces 1 kopia

What are the benefits of using different workspaces for Emily, Elizabeth, and John?

  • They can manage all chatbots from their accounts without relogging.
  • Each workspace has its own inbox. It significantly facilitates the everyday work of John and Elizabeth. What exactly does it mean? It means that if in particular workspaces are created chatbots for different channels (for example one only is available in Messenger, two in mobile application and last one on the website), all messages will be visible in one inbox. It lets communication with customers to be as transparent and organized as possible. John and Elizabeth have individual workspaces, so they won’t accidentally start to modify chatbots which they are not obligated to.
  • Emily, as a team leader, can check all statistics and reports smoothly and without involving anybody more.

Let’s check another example.

Steve, Karen, and Bob are Support Specialists in a PR agency. Steve is responsible for inbox which has been created for company A, but at the same time, he helps Bob in some daily activities. Bob has just finished college and works in an agency only for two weeks. He controls company C’ inbox. Karen takes care of inbox created for company B, and Arthur as a Customer Success Manager is fully responsible for the whole team.


  • Steve is mainly responsible for inbox which is assigned to Company A, but he is a really good colleague, and he has decided to help Bob in the introduction to a new company. Because of that, he often checks inbox which is assigned to Company C. Thanks to workspaces, he doesn’t need to switch between two different accounts. To his main account were assigned two inboxes: his own (company A), and Bob’s inbox (Company C). This case shows us clearly how time-saving this feature is and how it improves daily work between people in one company.

  • Of course, all benefits which have been presented in the first example also fit here :)

You are able to create new workspace anytime here:

creating new workspace


From now on Inbox is an integral part of Chatbotize. It’s no more a detached application, so you don’t have to waste time to find it. It’s going to stay with us in the main dashboard, right here:


In “activity report” tab you can check information about agents’ activities:

activity report

Ok, but you will ask: “Hey! Where are the rest of my statistics?”. Don’t worry - that’s the next thing we want to present you. Alright, so let’s see what else has been changed!


Analytics tab is placed on left side of the dashboard:

analytics tab

This tab is divided into three sections:

  • Automations here you can check the count of all triggered automations in the selected period, what is % of automated traffic, and which automations are most useful and helpful for your customers.


  • General provides you overall statistics which concern the work of chatbots. This tab allows you to check the total amount of users who enjoyed conversation with your company, how many messages they sent and how long they have been talking.


  • Inbox all information and statistics which concern your inbox are currently visible in one place. You don’t have to switch between different tabs anymore. We unified analytics section because we know how valuable is your time!


Automations and General statistics are available individually for all chatbots in your workspace, but remember that Inbox statistics are common!


We know how often you have to check some settings which concern your chatbots, team and Inbox. That’s why we've decided to implement it to the main dashboard.


From now on, taking care of chatbots, inbox, agents, and workspaces will be much more comfortable and transparent.
Settings tab consists of 2 positions:

  • General - here you can change settings of your whole team, chatbots and workspaces
  • Inbox - enables you to organize how exactly inbox should work. This section facilitates you to manage all settings from one place. You don’t have to visit any other tabs to configure inbox.

Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento integration

E-commerce gathers steam each day. That’s why Chatbotize has decided to respond to your expectations, and here it is integration with Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento. It lets your customers get instant information about their order status. This type of automation significantly helps you in customer service and save your time. You can add those integrations in Modules -> Addons section. Screenshots attached below present how it works.



Start tab has been moved to the main dashboard. Previously it was located in the Modules section. Now, anytime you can manage how your chatbot welcome customers or what he responds if he doesn’t understand the question.


Visibility of all chatbots

Switching between chatbots is now widely faster and more comfortable. All chatbots are currently visible in the main dashboard (no matter which tab you choose). Trust us - it will significantly save your time :)


AI Consultant

AI Consultantis now located in Automations section. You can find it here:


That's all! We hope you like all the new features. If you have any questions regards changes and need our assistance, feel free to contact Jarek from the Customer Success Team at [email protected]