7 Reasons Why Brands Love Chatbotize

BY Team Chatbotize
5 months ago
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There are so many conversational marketing tools available on the market. So, why exactly you should choose Chatbotize? How is it different, and how is it better than its competition?

We know that you probably wouldn’t want to take our word for it. This is why we asked our customers what they love most about using Chatbotize. Below we’re listing 7 of the top answers we’ve received:

1. You don’t need to know how to code.

Let’s face it: chatbots are technologically complex. They leverage the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to create natural, human-like conversations. The mechanics of written communication are complicated and hard to reproduce through algorithms.

Does it mean that you have to know how to code if you want to create a chatbot?

Not necessarily. Chatbotize is an entirely code-free platform. It’s been created for non-technical people who would like to create fully-functioning Messenger chatbots without unnecessary hassle. Configuring responses and conversation scenarios is as easy as typing and clicking the “Save” button. We do all the hard technical work for you.

Have a look at an example to see how easy it is: image4

2. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

So, do you need to create chatbot scenarios entirely from scratch? Considering everything that could happen even during a simple conversation, that seems like a lot of work. Is it really necessary?image5

Again, Chatbotize makes work much easier for you. You can choose from a wide range of pre-designed plugins. There are ready-made solutions for sending out promo codes, creating newsletters, contests, and other engaging activities. Plugins save a lot of your time and allow you to use proven and tested methods that are more likely to convert. You can use the list of Chatbotize plugins to find inspirations for using a chatbot in your day-to-day work. Instead of taking a shot in the dark, you can rely on our chatbot knowledge and use the solutions and frameworks that actually work. image3

3. You can learn everything from video tutorials.

Switching to a new tool always takes a little effort. We know that a smooth onboarding process matters a lot, and we also know how to make it as easy as possible. Every feature in Chatbotize comes with a video tutorial that will walk you step by step through the entire process: image2 You can always come back and watch the tutorials again if necessary. They contain a recording of the screen (so you can see exactly what you need to click), as well as a voice-over with an explanation. Our clients think it works much better than a traditional written tutorial – and we hope you’ll enjoy it as well!

4. You can create newsletters with 90% open rates.

Did you know that Facebook Messenger chatbots generate mind-blowingly high open rates? According to Neil Patel, a digital marketing guru, you can easily get 88% open rates through Messenger campaigns. It’s a really impressive number, given that email campaigns typically achieve open rates of around 18%. Messenger bots have one big advantage: the information reaches the potential client in the place where they usually hang out and talk to their friends. It seems more natural and direct too.

This powerful marketing opportunity is easily accessible with Chatbotize. We offer a couple of plugins that allow you to create effective newsletters. You can use the classic Newsletter plugin to collect a group of prospects and share new materials with them regularly. It’s also a great channel to distribute content from your blog.

Another way to send content to your prospects regularly is through the Challenge plugin. This option allows you to send new stuff daily, such as pieces of inspiration or tasks that are a part of a bigger challenge. One of our clients, BodyBoom, used this plugin to send their users daily beauty tips.

5. You can access all your messages in one inbox.

Are you struggling with managing responses on different channels? As your company keeps growing, it might become really hard to keep track of all the incoming messages.

Luckily, Chatbotize Inbox comes to the rescue. Here’s how it can help you manage your messages – and create better chatbots as well:

  • You can access different channels – Managing profiles across different platforms can be overwhelming. You may soon lose track of all the incoming messages and miss something important. Chatbotize Inbox solves this problem: messages from all sources are accessible in one place. No more fear of missing out!
  • You can keep your inbox secure – When you access the inbox straight from Facebook, you need to allow every person to reply to messages. This may cause security issues. Instead, they can access the profile through Chatbotize Inbox. This still allows them to respond to messages yet it’s much less risky.
  • Your chatbot can learn from the messages – The chatbot has access to answers from your consultants. Based on this data, it can learn more about the user’s intent and get gradually smarter. In other words, it can be trained by itself! The system comes up with suggestions, and if a certain suggestion is selected several times, the chatbot considers it as correct. Smart, isn’t it? The answers will be assigned to particular topics automatically and then saved in the section AI Consultant.

6. You can boost your chatbot with push notifications.

Although Chatbotize was initially created for Messenger, it is currently an all-in solution. You can create a fully-functioning chatbot very fast and embed it on your website, just like in the example below:image1 Looks good? There is more! When a client leaves your website, you can bring them back quite easily. They will receive a push notification, and after clicking, they will be redirected to the chatbot again. It’s a brilliant way to warm cold leads up – and it doesn’t take a lot of effort!

7. You can always count on the Chatbotize team.

If you need any help with your chatbot, we’re always there for you. In the bottom right corner of our website, you’ll find the Messenger button: image6 It doesn’t matter where you are or what time it is: you can message our Messenger chatbot anytime. If you still wish to get in touch with a real person, you can ask to be redirected to a help center agent. Last but not least, we’re also ready to answer your questions in our Chatbotize Community Facebook group.

Key takeaway and next steps

These are just some of the features that our clients appreciate the most. We are constantly working to develop the product to meet even more of your needs. It’s another thing that makes us stand out: we’re always happy to hear your suggestions.

Want to see if Chatbotize is the right choice for your business? You can start from the free forever version. It offers the same features as the more advanced plans! The only difference is in the volume of contacts, plugins and other elements. Creating an account is fast and easy, and so is creating a bot. In just 3 minutes, you can set up a fully-functioning Messenger chatbot.

So, why not give it a try?