New plugins: Frames & Randomizer

BY Mateusz Radomski
15 hours ago
Chatbotize - Chatbot

We have excellent news for you to end this week with a bang: you will now find two new plugins on our platform!


The first one is called Randomizer and allows you to carry out random drawings, in which users can receive pre-configured content, e.g., a promotional code or a meme of the day. I mean, hey, who doesn't like memes? ;) Don’t get fooled, though: there is even more! Randomizer allows you to introduce a random element to the bot so that you can include some hidden content. That will give it a more unique and engaging challenge for the user: finding something that someone tried to hide always triggers curiosity :) Draw quotes, surprise promotions, touching quotes of the day/week/month… We believe that you will find many uses for our Randomizer plugin that we couldn't have dreamed of! Our team has prepared an example with a fortune cookie draw that is available here:



Now for the second plugin: Frames. You've probably seen profile picture overlays many times on Facebook. This functionality has now been transferred to Messenger, with the difference that our Frames allow you to put such an overlay on every photo that the user sends. The configuration of this plugin is very straightforward: just create your image that will serve as a photo overlay and upload it alongside examples of use on the platform. This plugin is a great way to promote your latest advertising or social campaign online because it has a built-in mechanism for sharing processed photos with friends :) See an example in our chatbot -


We have also prepared guides for you on how to configure the Randomizer and Frames plugins step by step:

We are very curious to see how you will use the possibilities of Randomizer and Frames! If you have questions, our team is always ready to help you to learn how to use the various Chatbotize functions to achieve your goals :) #HappyChatbotizing!