New plugin - Survey!

BY Maja Schaefer
18 days ago
Chatbotize - Chatbot

We start this week with great news: we launched a new plugin for you – Survey! This message will surely please many of you because you have repeatedly asked us about this feature, as it opens up an ocean of new possibilities.

The survey can be found in the Customer Service section of the Chatbotize platform. You have multiple and single-choice closed questions, open questions, and you can even ask users to upload photos and location. Example usage of the survey:

  • surveying user opinions, e.g., about a specific product, service or chatbot function
  • complaint form
  • collecting feedback after an event, training session, meet-up
  • reporting faults, irregularities
  • submitting job applications
  • filling in application forms
  • preference research

These are only some of the possibilities of using the Survey plugin; you will undoubtedly find many more of them for yourself. Now it's time to find out how easy it is to set up Chatbotize Surveys!

How to set up a Survey?

Begin the survey’s configuration with a short introduction for the user: what is the survey about and why do you want them to complete it?


Then proceed to the vital part: the questions. You can choose from different types of answers:

  • Text - an open question. You ask a question, and the user has to answer it in a descriptive form

  • Image - when you want the user to send you a photo as part of an answer (useful in, e.g., a complaint form)

  • Location - when you want the user to share his location

  • Single choice

  • Multiple choice


Single-choice question

Below, there is an example of how to set up a single-choice question. All you have to do is enter your question in the Question field and select Single choice as the answer type. Then add further response options. You can use emoji to visualize the answer better :)


Multiple-choice question

An example of how to set up a multiple-choice question is – again – below :) All you have to do is enter your question in the Question field, and select Multiple choice as the answer type. Then add further response options. You can use emoji to visualize the answer better. For the user can choose several answers, after selecting one from the system, the chatbot will ask them if they want to select another option or finish answering that question. To do this, fill in the Skip button text field, e.g., "Choose another answer or move on." In the Skip button caption field enter something like "Move on."


Thanks for completing the survey

This section is optional. In the end, you can thank the user for completing your survey and invite them to more activities in the chatbot.

Zrzut ekranu 2019-08-19 o 12.45.00

Remember, you can mix’n’match Chatbotize plugins as much as you like. What does it mean? For example, combine Survey with Promotional Code to reward the user for completing the survey. You can also give them the opportunity to participate in a Contest with attractive prizes after the Survey. If you decide to do this, redirect the user to the next plugin in this section.

Survey results

Zrzut ekranu 2019-08-19 o 12.06.36You can view the results of individual surveys. Pick a survey, click Applications, and you will see a list of all completed surveys. You can also export this list to CSV (in the upper right corner click EXPORT CSV).

That's all! Now, wasn’t that simple? :)

We are looking forward to seeing your creative uses of the new Survey plugin! Our team is always ready to advise you on how to use our various Chatbotize functions to achieve your messaging goals :) #HappyChatbotizing!