7 Problems That Conversational Marketing Can Resolve

BY Maja Schaefer
2 months ago
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You’ve heard a lot about chatbots, conversational marketing, and Messenger marketing, but still, have no clue how could they be of use to you? Do you need them at all? Do these things really work? Or perhaps it’s you who doesn’t know what chatbots are all about and how can they help you? If the answer to at least one of those questions is ‘yes,’ then this one is written with you in mind ;)

Conversational marketing is nothing more than a conversation with your potential client. The thing is that it’s automated via a chatbot. It’s this little contraption that sends messages in your place, allowing you to handle thousands of clients simultaneously. The conversation is supposed to create a client-brand relationship by keeping the interlocutor engaged in activities happening in the chatbot. Therefore, it’s the chatbot’s role to provide your consumer with fun exercises that make the customer acknowledge your product to the client and, finally, to sell it. What kind of chat are we talking about, specifically? Well, it can be a Messenger-based one or a website one (the so-called live chat). Okay, but why should you use conversational marketing at all? Below you will find seven challenges of today’s marketer that can be easily solved using conversational marketing!

Problem #1 – Dropping organic reach on Facebook

Problem: Up until quite recently, the strategic management of a fanpage was the key to building a brand name and creating an engaged group of clients. Because of that, you used to create posts, reply to your users’ comments, and had to think about fun activities that could be done there. Long story short, you were gathering likes with high hopes that your newest post will reach more and more users. So this used to work for quite a few years. In the meantime, you noticed that the reach of your posts stopped increasing proportionally to the number of likes. Today, the organic reach of a Facebook post is barely 5-7%! This means that 93% of people who “liked” your fanpage won’t even see your posts!

Solution: Try conversational marketing! All you need is for one person to write to you, and they automatically become your contact with whom you can talk all the time! Do you know that the average open rate (the percent of people who will open your message) on Messenger varies from 80-90%? Out of the box, your message reaches 9 out of 10 people who declared interest in your brand!

Problem #2 – Increasing advertisement costs

Problem: Ads have become the remedy for dropping reaches – you increase the visibility of your posts by regularly spending money on advertisements. However, most of the time a single contact with your client is not enough to make the decision you want them to make (usually to buy a product or a service). Therefore, you decide to remarket your product, i.e., to reach out to your customer again using an ad. Note, that you’re not the only one – the same path is taken by others who want to sell their products. Unfortunately, the space for advertising is limited, so – for your ad to be the one displayed to the end-user – you’re forced to pay even more for a single view.

Solution: Conversational marketing allows you to eliminate remarketing costs. Why? Well, you can freely (see what I did there? :) write to once acquired contacts. Yes, you’re right – it is similar to e-mail marketing, but a lot more useful: open rate > 80% and CTR 4-10x higher! You can use it to your advantage by keeping your users engaged! Send them an article that they may like, tell them that there is a new discount or encourage them to take part in a contest or a quiz. You can do all that in the chat window! The money you save can be used to gather new contacts – and that happens in the chat, too! This way, you create a stunning system that is devoted to building your client base!

Problem #3 – Low open rate of e-mails and SMS

Problem: Building a database of mail addresses or phone numbers and preserving it was – for many years – invaluable. However, sending newsletters or SMS messages with marketing content today is highly ineffective: they have open rates varying between 5% and 25%. Only every fourth person will read your message – and that’s the best-case scenario! Nowadays, consumers treat mails from brands and companies as spam, and SMS communication is slowly dying out in favor of Messenger or WhatsApp.

Solution: A Messenger user opens the app repeatedly each day: to read what their friends have messaged them, to write a new message or to check whether something new hasn’t popped up. Because of this dependency, they won’t miss the latest notification from your brand. You can use it to build a genuine relationship with your client, to become their friend and have up to 96% open rate – this result was achieved by one of our customers on Messenger! Remember: this is not another database filled with numbers or mail addresses. It is a real relationship between you and the client, a relationship that – well preserved – brings astonishing results!

Problem #4 – Low landing page conversion rate

Problem: Quizzes, contest, polls, and other activities are engaging. Very engaging. Unfortunately, it’s hard to launch them on Facebook or other social media because one way or the other, you end up having to start a landing page. To do so, you need to adapt it for mobile browsers, keeping in mind the differences between rendering in various browsers. The page needs to be optimized, too. As a result – depending on the brand and the kind of advertisement – you can expect only a 1-5% conversion rate.

Solution: Today’s chat channels like Messenger rely not only on text messages – you can chat using buttons, gifs, lists, images, etc. The user interface is vibrant, and the user experience is exactly the same for every type of smartphone, operating system, and screen resolution. What’s more, a quiz, a contest or a poll can be launched in a matter of minutes! The users are having undisturbed fun coming from the interaction with your brand, and that translates to a conversion rate of 30% and – in some cases – even above 90%!

Problem #5 – Lack of personalized communication

Problem: Do you send funny pictures of your doggo to all your friends? What about that great meme you recently saw at the borders of the Internet? Or this article, in which you learned how to use conversational marketing? :) Most likely the answer is: no. Our friends have different hobbies; they work in various fields, are of varying age, and live in different places. Therefore, it’s essential to choose the correct group of people who will receive our message. The same applies to communication with potential clients – unfortunately, this is rarely possible.

Solution: Conversational marketing allows you to analyze your client’s behavior and preferences. This data later segments itself and generates specific groups of users . Imagine that you are chatting with your client and decide to give them a quiz that will help them choose the best product, e.g., a couch. The customer is answering questions regarding their budget, favorite color, and style. Why is this information important? Not only does it help them pick the best couch, but also allows you to know your client better. In the future, you could use it to send your client a message informing them of a discount for a blanket in their favorite color. Personalizing the offer lets you achieve better results, too: the client is happy to be noticed for their individuality and that – as we know – is very important in building successful relationships!

Problem #6 – Millennials and Generation Z is hard to reach

Problem: Let’s admit it: we all want to target Generation Z, but it’s a group that continues to surprise us on each step. None of us can escape the feeling of surprise when some random campaign works miracles in this field, while another one – perfectly organized and bound to succeed – fails miserably. It’s hard to keep Generation Z entertained for an extended period. Remember that a considerable amount of teenagers and young people doesn’t use Facebook at all!

Solution: We (and others who have already seen the power of conversational marketing) have found a way to win the hearts of the Millennials and Generation Z: you need to be where they spend the most significant amount of time and “dig” into their needs. You’ve probably heard how successful Instagram or TikTok marketing are. That’s because those are the apps used by young people the most. It’s essential to keep it in mind and be there: you can display ads and encourage people to your products thanks to the influencers. All of that sounds amazing, but… What if I told we have something even better? What if you could just… talk to your potential client? Hundreds of thousands of potential clients! Messenger allows you to do exactly that. It’s the channel of communication used by the Millennials and Generation Z to communicate with their friends, where they feel comfortable and are obliged to check it dozens or hundreds of times a day! Facebook’s messaging platform is the first place young people try when attempting to contact a brand. Statistics say it for themselves: 66% of respondents are happy that a particular brand is available on Messenger, and 75% prefer to communicate with it on Messenger than any other way.

Problem #7 – Creativity vs. Technology

Problem: You’d love to do something creative, something that will make your clients love you and your brand, but… each time you try, you face a wall. Your brilliant idea is impossible because it’s:

  • incredibly expensive,
  • incredibly complex and requires hiring professionals, e.g., programmers,
  • incredibly time-consuming, and supposed to be ready in a week time. I bet you’d rather avoid creating UI forms, debating about colors with your graphics designer, writing documentation for the programmers, or explaining to your client why something doesn’t work in Internet Explorer again.

Solution: If you think that conversational marketing is another dose of incomprehensible, technical knowledge: it is my pleasure to inform you that it’s not! ;) To realize strategic activities on Messenger or webchat, you can use existing SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms. We – Chatbotize – are one of such services. We provide tools with which you can easily create quizzes, contests, polls, challenges, etc. You can send push notifications, newsletters and many more – all that without the technical expertise. Every activity can be configured and launched on Messenger or webchat in a matter of minutes! This allows you to focus on what you love to do – being creative!

All in all, conversational marketing is an innovative approach to client-brand communication. On the other hand, it is a look back into the past – you are chatting with your customer to build a relationship and sell your product. I hope this post gave you enough reasons to try how useful and helpful conversational marketing can be in your business! Begin your journey right now – register an account on Chatbotize to launch your chatbot in just a few minutes!