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Coach, create your alter ego and start earning!

BY Chatbotize Team
4 months ago
Chatbotize - Chatbot

Building healthy habits, caring for proper nutrition, regular training - these are only a few challenges in the lives of people who want to take care of their health. This requires strong will and determination, which is why we often reach for the help of a personal trainer who protects our healthy lifestyle. The personal trainer is facing the challenge of gaining clients and ... passive income. What if ... create your virtual alter ego that works when you train with your mentor or just sleep well?

Your virtual secretary

9 missed calls? 7 SMS messages? 5 notifications on the Messengeer, and all this during one workout? Take off the problem of mastering the calendar, save your time and hire a chatbot! Define your availability and let him work 24/7. Chatbot will present to your ward possible deadlines for personal training and will send a notification that will remind you of the training time so that your mentee will never say again - "Oops, I forgot"! :)

Professional help 24/h

Many trainers have doubts about the use of supplements, diets, and specific exercises. You probably still answer the same set of questions. The solution is a simple knowledge base about products, exercises and diets. It is enough for the client to write a question to the chatbot - in order to automatically give a factual answer on behalf of the trainer or to lead a valuable article.

Chatbotize - Chatbot

A continuous dose of motivation!

Everyday stretching? Regular drinking of water? 30 days for abdominal muscles? Good chatbot will help in building good habits. Create a mini-challenge for your pupils - chatbot will send them a notification every day reminding you to complete a task such as a portion of crunches. Be sure to get results after! Do you still remind your customers how important it is to regularly drink water? Give them good news - chatbot can automatically send messages - "Hey, is not it time to drink a glass of delicious tap water ?!"

Share knowledge

Have you created materials that can help your wards? Or maybe a set of exercises or a diet? Share them in chatbot as free for customers. Do you want to dose emotions? No problem - chatbot will automatically send another portion of knowledge to the group each day. It's your advantage - you show that you still remember your clients and take care of them on a daily basis.

These few simple solutions will make you become a personal trainer for the 21st century - a trainer who can use the most up-to-date technologies to always be next to their mentees and take care of their condition. Be ready for side effects - more free time and incoming customers! :)