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What to do when the user requires a contact with a consultant?

BY Maciej CioĊ‚ek
a month ago
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By creating a bot, you are certainly trying to solve your client's problems 100% effectively. Unfortunately, sometimes the needs of our clients in the chatbot are so specific that a process is required in which the client will ask for a contact with an adviser, moderator or consultant. To the rescue comes the process of passing the thread to a consultant (handover).

What is a handover?

Handover is a process within which the user can choose to contact a person. When you decide to run this process, you must be sure that you are able to provide your customers with effective service. In other words, since you are already giving your client the opportunity to contact you directly, he expects someone to finish up in time :) he will reply to the message.

How does the handover process work properly?

The correct process is one where the client consciously starts a conversation with a consultant while using chatbot, and the constatatnt knows how to solve his problem, where at the end of the process the client can get back to the bot.

We recommend that the process look like this:

  1. The customer consciously chooses to contact a consultant or chatbot offers such a possibility, for example in the event of a failure to answer the question.
  2. Chatbot asks the client if he really wants to start a conversation with a consultant. This is a very important moment because it avoids customers who "accidentally" started the process;)
  3. The customer confirms the need for contact, chatbot is being suspended and asks the client to describe his case.
  4. The consultant receives a notification that there is a client who expects a response.
  5. The consultant uses the panel to conduct talks (more on this in the next paragraph) to conduct a conversation with the client.
  6. The consultant at the end of the must mark the conversation as completed so the chatbot will be resuspended.

The most common mistakes

The most common mistakes made by bot developers in this process are:

  1. There is no moment when the customer consciously decides to contact a consultant.
  2. Chatbot is not suspended as a result of which he enters into a conversation between the client and the consultant.
  3. The consultant does not deign the conversation as completed and as a result:
  • no clear distinction between the chatbot process and the client's consultant
  • the client can not use the chatbot again
  • the client will not be able to participate in another activation on the chatbot
  • there are a lot of uncompleted conversations in the panel for handling calls on the consultants' side

Chatbotize and his support for handover

As part of the Chatbotize platform, there is a "Handover" plug-in that supports the process using the Facebook Inbox service. What is Facebook Inbox? It's nothing like a message box always available for every fanpage. The "Handover" plugin allows you to handle the entire process of transferring the thread to the consultant in accordance with the best practices, and its configuration will take you literally 3 minutes :)

How do you configure the Handover plug-in?

  1. Start by configuring the Handover plugin.
  2. Go to the plug-in configuration screen and select it from the plug-in panel on the left
  3. In the "1. Provide basic configuration" section:
  • enable the plug-in by moving "Handover enabled" to enable enabled
  • provide content for the question and buttons that the chatbot will ask to make sure the user wants to talk to the consultant
  • enter the content of the message, which will encourage the customer to describe the matter
  1. In the "2. If you don't want to miss messages" section, provide emails which we will notify "configure the e-mail address to which we will automatically send notifications about clients waiting for a response

  2. The example configuration looks as follows, do not forget to save the changes :)

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 13.38.02

  1. Log in to Facebook now and go to the settings of your fanpage.
  2. Select "Platoforma Messenger", find the section "Subscribed applications" and configure it as follows:
  • For the Chatbotize application, select "Primary Receiver"
  • For Facebook Inbox and others, select "Secondary Receiver"
  1. That's it! Below we present a video showing the configuration process and a short demo of the process.

How to use Facebook Inbox?

As you probably know, Facebook Inbox is divided into folders: Main, Unread, Follow up, Finished and Spam.

Enabling handover significantly simplifies the process of answering customer questions from the bot level - why? Well, in the folder "Finished" there will be all conversations conducted by the bot, while the "Main" folder will contain threads that have been forwarded to the consultant.

The consultant after finishing the conversation must mark the conversation as finished (green button) in the conversation window. After marking the conversation as finished, the conversation will be automatically moved to the "Finished" folder, and your client will be able to talk to the bot again.

Checkout the movie which shows the process: