Guides and tutorials links - what are they and how to use them?

BY Maciej CioĊ‚ek
a month ago
Chatbotize - Chatbot

Chatbots on Facebook Messenger are directly linked to the fanpage. It would seem that the easiest way to encourage your client to talk to a bot is to inform him that he found a Facebook fanpage and clicked the Messenger icon ... Nothing could be more wrong, the links that are little known come in handy!

1. What are the links?

Facebook Messenger allows you to create a link that when clicked by the user will automatically start a conversation with your bot. The mechanism is very simple and effectively increases the conversion. What's more, it is a platform-independent solution - it means it works on both mobile and desktop devices.

2. How to build link?

Let's start with the fact that you need to know the alias for your fanpage. How to find him? All you need to do is open it from the browser on your computer and check the content in the address bar. As an example, let us use the Chatbotize fanpage, which has the following address: Aliasem for our fanpage is: chatbotizecom

Now, to build the link, all you need to do is use an alias and add it to the phrase So link for Chatbotize is

Click the link and see what will happen :)

3. How to pass context via link? links can be used as so-called referral links. Well, we are able to add a parameter to the link, which can be properly handled by our bot. This mechanism is used to track the source of visits to the bot or to customize the welcome content.

Imagine that you are making a Christmas campaign and want to share link 3 with different influencers to measure which one was best converted :) Let's assume that our influencers are called Influencer A, Influencer B and Influencer C respectively, and the campaign concerns Christmas 2018.

Now, just add the "? Ref =" parameter to the link created earlier. For our influencers it will look like this:

In the next part, we'll talk about how to set up the Chatbotize platform for refinements.

4. How do I use reflink on Chatbotize?

As part of the Chatbotize platform, there is a "Referrals" plugin that allows you to manage reflinks. As part of the plugin you can:

  • create a reflink
  • customize the welcome message, which will be different than the default greeting of the bot
  • create a segment automatically from all people who have used the reflinek

Start by installing the Referrals plugin and then watch the video below: