InPost is our first client to run their bot on Google Assistant

BY Chatbotize Team
5 months ago
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This week we have really great news for you: InPost is our first client to integerate their bot, MAT, with Google Assistant!

InPost and Google Assistant

Google Assistant is an artificial-inteligence powered virtual assistant that can help us with many everyday things: from checking how can we get to work to booking flights for the dreamlike holidays. InPost services are now also available in the Google Assistant, thanks to Chatbotize's solution! What that does mean in practice, though?

From now on it's possible to use every functionality provided by InPost in their bot available on Messenger and their website from within the Google Assistant. All that needs to be done is to trigger the conversation by saying "OK, Google, talk to InPost" and the app will launch InPost's virtual assistant, MAT, who will tell us of what it's capable of.


Right now, MAT can help us with: 1) checking the status of our parcel; 2) checking the phone number of the courier that is delivering our parcel; 3) searching for a parcel locker using it's name, address or location - in case of the latter two it will find the closest one to the given location; 4) searching for a POP (pl. Punkt Obsługi Paczek, Parcel Service Point) using it's name, address or location - in case of the latter two it will find the closest one to the given location.

Thanks to this integration, InPost is further developing it's long-term strategy that aims at making it's services accessible to people with varius disabilities, but also to people which simply prefer talking over texting to MAT. What's important is that MAT integrated with Google Assistant has no trouble with understanding what is being said - the speech to text algorithm works really well here!


It's worth mentioning that it's still possible to text MAT with queries that are of interest to us. The integration also supports the popular quick replies - those are the buttons at the bottom of the screen, which enable us to simply click on the topic we are currently looking for.


Google Assistant itself is also capable of sending notifications and integration with it's main screen, on which one can see, for example, today's events, the weather forecast and other useful information. In the future, InPost wants to integrate their services to a point in which MAT could automatically inform the user about a change in their parcel status, new services, functionalities, etc.


Google Assistant is doing wonders in case of InPost, but the most striking news are stil ahead - from today our clients can launch their bot in Google's assistant. Go to the Connectors menu on Chatbotize, select Google Assistant and follow the instruction that will guide through the configuration process.

We are proud of InPost, as they are a pioneer in case of chatbot solutions in Poland. On their example, we can see just how much can be achieved and automated, as well as adjusted to client's needs. We keep our fingers crossed for further development of MAT!