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How thanks to Messenger we won the biggest hackathon in Europe?

BY Maja Schaefer
a month ago
Chatbotize - Chatbot

The biggest hackathon * in Europe. 24 hours. A four-person team from Chatbotize. 2,500 participants. Challenge? Creating a prototype application for PKO BP to manage personal finances.

Implementation of the application daily is a challenge. And the implementation of the application daily, which is the answer to the actual problems of users? Sounds almost like science fiction? Let's see! We wanted to dedicate our solution to the generation of mielenials. Millenials, therefore, we had to ask about their preferences, habits and expectations for the application to be tailored to their needs.

hackathon - "program sprint", an event during which teams quickly create IT solutions

How to reach our target group?

Millenials were the dominant group among the participants of the hackathon, which is why this point was extremely simple for us. 2,500 potential users in one place! But how to conduct research with such limited human resources? We did not have time to talk to each other separately.

We would not be ourselves if we did not use the chatbot! After all, chatbots have the task of automating processes - and we needed the automation of the process at that time the most.

What did the study look like?

We decided to use the Quiz module from Chatbotize and conduct a survey with potential users. We have set up several questions that were intended to verify the millenials habits and challenges in using banking solutions and financial management. We wanted to confirm or refute our assumptions - pillars on which we were going to base the whole solution.

How did we get the participants of the survey?

Okay, but how do you get someone to take part in our survey at all? We used the Referrals module. And we did it in two ways.

  • We have generated a reference link that automatically triggered our survey to the user who clicked on it. We've placed such a link on our social profiles and asked friends to participate in our study. The process was very simple and the whole did not take more than a minute, thanks to which 94% of the people completed the survey!
  • We generated a reference link and used the Messenger Code option, which automatically scanned the questionnaire after scanning. We used this method to conduct research with hackathon participants. We printed the Messenger Codes and distributed a few dozen copies in the room - it took about 5 minutes.


  • FUN FACT: we generated a separate Messenger Code for the jury, ie employees of the PKO BP bank. We were curious how their answers would differ from those of non-bank respondents. In the Chatbotize panel, a separate segment of PKO BP employees was generated. From the user side - the Messenger Code at first glance was not different. Jury - until now :) - did not know that it was treated exceptionally;)

In this way, we have expressly obtained answers to the questions that bother us, we verified the assumptions and we were able to start programming work on the Personal Financial Assistant, which was also supposed to be a chatbot, but built into a mobile application. We will save you the details of 20h of intense work and go straight to the point 2 hours before giving the solution, when we decided to involve the participants of our research once again.

Re-engagement of the study participants

Our Personal Financial Assistant must have a name! And it was a great opportunity to remind participants of the research and give them a real impact on the final result of our work. We created another questionnaire ( Quiz module) and sent a notification ( Broadcast module) to all people who took part in the survey the day before. As many as 74% of them helped to choose the name! And well ... Stefan left the rest behind, getting 36% support :))

It took us no more than 15 minutes to set up a chatbot and community engagement. Well, the most time-consuming selection of gifs was used;) The use of chatbot undoubtedly contributed to our success, which is the main prize in HackYeah - the largest hackathon in Europe. It allowed us to adjust the solution to the needs of users, win their sympathy, and prove the effectiveness of the messenger to the jury, which was also part of the final solution - Stefan, Personal Financial Assistant (about Stefanie, you can read more tutaj).

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