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How to use Messenger Code - 5 examples

BY Chatbotize Team
4 months ago
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Messenger Codes work in a similar way to classic QR codes, but their appearance directly communicates what will happen after they are scanned - the Messenger application will start. How it's working? Just open the camera built into the Messenger, scan the code, and your chatbot will automatically start. That's not all - you can create several Messenger Codes, put them in any places, ads, products (read more in this article!), And individual codes will run other chatbot functions. You can also personalize a welcome message for each code! Below are examples of practical applications of Messenger Codes that will take your business to the next level!

1. Messenger Codes on… products

Place the Messenger Codes on the packaging and (in) magical manner keep in touch with the customers who purchased your product. By using different codes for each type of product, you segment your users and know what exactly they bought! Is not this a powerful tool? It is not the end. Encourage customers to scan codes, promote a competition that you organize in a chatbot or conduct a satisfaction survey. You can also suggest that it is the best channel to contact your brand and suggest scanning the code to ask questions or get valuable information. And at Messenger, you automate the most frequently asked questions and enjoy savings in customer service, right? :)

2. From offline advertising to digital channel

Who are the people who pay attention to your offline campaigns? Who stops at the posters who your billboards are interested in? Is it possible to continue interacting with such a person? Thanks to Messenger Codes - YES! Add to your ads Messenger Codes and combine the experience of outdoor advertising with the digital campaign. Create different versions of Messenger Codes, segment users, e.g. by poster location, media type or type of content. In this way, you will have a great knowledge of your users and the effectiveness of specific ads!

3. Recruitment

QR codes on your employees' shirts will open a chatbot showing the interested person an offer for a specific position. You can also create several QR codes for individual positions, distribute them to potential interested parties and enjoy the effects when chatbot welcomes them with personalized content! Attention, you can not deal with this number of applications! :)

4. Events, conferences, meetups

In the materials you prepare for the conference, necessarily place the Messenger Code, under which participants will find chatbot with the agenda and the necessary information. From the moment you scan the code, they will have full knowledge in the pocket of your phone - without downloading the mobile application! - and you will be able to notify them about changes, important moments, and even send a notification when the next edition of your wonderful event is approaching. You can also go a step further and create a chatbot that will handle your event in its entirety!

5. Promotions

The goal of anyone who owns a chatbot is to get as many valuable users as possible. Messenger Codes are a fantastic source of high tide for such users. Place the codes on leaflets, DOOH advertisements, in outlets, stores, inserts for shipments, packages and inform about promotions such as discount or gratis, which will be received by any new user after scanning the Messenger Code. In this way, you not only get a chatbot user, but you can also gain valuable knowledge about it!

We have just presented a few ideas for using the Messenger Code, but we are convinced that you will come up with a chat code unique to your chatbot, which we did not even dream of. In this matter, only your imagination limits you. Good luck!