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E-commerce - how to increase online sale with chatbot

BY Chatbotize Team
7 months ago

Chatbots are revolutionizing the e-commerce market. This is not surprising because they perfectly respond to the growing demands of customers. The client expects individual treatment, changing offer, interesting promotional campaigns. The efforts of online stores often go unnoticed, because current communication channels do not allow to reach the customer effectively. The newsletter, if it does not end up in spam, is lost in the mailbox among hundreds of messages from the competition. SMS messages limit the creativity of marketing. AdWords, ads on Facebook? They devour marketing budgets in the blink of an eye. Messenger has become a new communication channel with the client. Free! Below I present its 5 applications that will help increase sales in your store without spending PLN for advertising.

1. Notification about product availability

The customer did not find what he was looking for? Did it lack its size? No item in stock? Instead of sending an e-mail, notify him on Messenger. An email inbox is a relic of the past. 19% of people check their email less frequently than once a day, while most users read messages on Messengear as soon as they receive them. Be where your clients are.

2. Information about the status of the contract

Easy access to important information for the customer builds a positive relationship with the brand. Send a message to Messenger when the package is forwarded to the courier. Shorten the communication path. Ask the customer directly, inform him about the product he is looking forward so eagerly, and will certainly come back at the earliest opportunity.

3. Notifications about new products

Use the subscription mechanism and send customers automatic news about new products. You can customize the content to your preferences by creating a recommendation system. The last customer order was a TV set? Send him a message asking how he works and suggest a set of speakers.

4. Recurying orders

Jan orders coffee for the coffee machine on average once every six months. He writes the name of his favorite producer on Google and clicks one of the first links at random. His wife, Magda, orders cosmetics usually once a month. After all, something just ends, right? It's a great opportunity to buy some much-needed items. Magda checks the prices of the most expensive things in several stores and chooses the one with the best offer. It's a bit of a pity for her to search so many websites, but she can not decide which store she has a better offer. Here the cream costs 5 PLN less, there the parcel is free ...

The dream of every "online trader" (Polish is sometimes merciless for us) is to win Jan and Magda as clients. Once and for all. Sounds like a plan? Use the Messenger to automatically remind Janek that he has recently ordered coffee 5 months ago and that his expression has probably already been the last grains. Send a message to Magda with a discount on her favorite cream before she even thinks to look for him at the competition! You can go a step further and take the problem off your head - the system will fill in the order automatically and will only send you a request for acceptance along with a link to online payments.

5. Promotions and discount coupons

Save on SMS shipments. Forgive inefficient mails. Send the coupon or discount code directly to Messenger.

These are just some of the possible uses of chatbot in e-commerce. Messenger also allows you to implement creative marketing campaigns, quizzes, contests that are viral spreading on the Internet and many more. Do you want to talk about the possible uses of chatbots in your company? Contact us!