How to configure the Randomizer plugin?

BY Mateusz Radomski
4 days ago
Chatbotize - Chatbot

The Randomizer plugin allows you to perform drawings (not the ones with crayons ;)) in which your users can draw various results like promo-codes or ways to access hidden content within your chatbot. In this article we will show you step-by-step how to configure this plugin, from the frequency policy to the results which can be drawn.

How to configure Randomizer?

In the first section, Provide basic details, configure how often is it possible to take part in the drawing (Frequency field). You can also decide whether you want to show what can be drawn before the lottery.


The next section is called Build your content and allows you to welcome your user with a welcome image and a welcome text. Then, proceed to configure the start text – it’s the message displayed to the user just before the drawing, as well as the captions on the Yes button, which allows them to continue and the No button, which allows them to abort. After that configure the messages accordingly and fill in one more field: the Already done text. It’s shown to the user when they attempt to take part in the drawing more times than allowed for a given period of time.


Now, the last section: Configure what can be drawn. You can add more options by clicking the blue Add button. The configuration itself is split into two parts: Configure content visible in the carousel and Configure content sent to the user. In the first one configure the way in which the option is displayed: it’s name, photo, and a short description. In the second subsection type the message that will be sent to the user after the drawing. That’s it, you have finished configuring your Randomizer! ;)

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