How to configure the Frames plugin?

BY Mateusz Radomski
10 months ago
Chatbotize - Chatbot

Having trouble with configuring the Frames plugin? We have a tutorial ready! ;)

The Frames plugin allows you to create custom overlays that can be applied to photos sent by the user inside the chatbot. In this article we will show you step-by-step how to correctly configure the plugin, so that you can start engaging your users with it :)

How to configure Frames?

Configuring the Frames plugin is really simple! The first section you need to configure is called Build your welcome content. Here you can setup the welcome message as well as some basic content. The Request image CTA field is the instruction shown to the user just before they send their picture; Wrong file type message is shown when the user sends their location or a text message. There are also two buttons to configure here: Resign button caption, shown to the user should they decide to resign from generating their frame, and Choose button caption. You guessed it: it’s displayed on the choose button when the user’s selecting their frame :)

welcome content

The next section is called Build your share content. It’s where you can configure how your frame is displayed when shared with your friends. It’s the content shown to whom the frame is being shared, so it should encourage them to some kind of interaction, like creating their own photo in the chatbot.

share content

Last but not least, we have the Configure frames section and that’s where you can configure the actual frame. If you want more than one, simply click on the blue Add button and it will open another tab. The frame configuration is also easy: type the name of the frame, upload the overlay that will be applied to the photos (it should be a png image, 1:1 aspect ratio) and an image showing the example usage of the frame. That was simple, wasn’t it? :)

frame config