How Chatbots Can Help Your Contact Center

BY Chatbotize Team
5 months ago
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Technology has drastically changed customer service, as well as every other aspect of business. While companies try to meet customers’ expectations, they need to be creative and innovative. Chatbots can genuinely help with marketing, lead generation, but most importantly, customer support.

Read on to find out what the main benefits of using chatbots in a contact center are, as well as how to boost customer service workflow thanks to bots.

Why should your company use chatbots for customer service?

  • bots are time- and cost-saving;
  • chatbots give answers immediately so that customers can get accurate answers faster than usual;
  • you can automate some processes and have more time for other tasks;
  • bots boost omnichannel customer support;
  • your team does not have to deal with repetitive questions;
  • bots work 24/7;
  • chatbots can work in multiple languages so that even if your company is global, you can support your customers instantly;
  • the system gathers data that you can use in your next marketing campaigns;
  • bots can automatically analyze previous interactions with a customer (like shopping history) and react considering this information;
  • chatbots enable easier self-service;
  • bots will not make mistakes such as typos;
  • chatbots are always in a good mood—on the contrary to your employees, bots will always answer with the same attitude and politeness;
  • bots are easy to implement thanks to chatbot platforms ;)

How to use chatbots for greater efficiency and better customer service?

Let's find out!

Analyze your customers

Start by defining your target group and identifying your customers' needs and preferences. Should you make contact with customers using informal or formal language? Can your bots be more casual and make your customers laugh, or should conversations be straight to the point and very professional? Answer these questions before implementing bots in your customer service strategy. You can also segment your interlocutors and personalize the experience based on demographic data and history of the previous interactions with your brand.

Create an AI-powered bot

Thanks to bots, you can not only automate simple responses but also engage with customers automatically, even when it comes to more complex issues. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence (including machine learning and natural language processing), you can set up a bot that really understands your customers. You can train your bot to answer the way you would like to; you can even teach it a few jokes to make the conversation more human-like. Natural language processing supports bots so that they can give relevant answers.

Integrate your tools

If you provide customer support via many channels, such as e-mail, live chat, Messenger, calls etc., then you should enable your agents to see all interactions in one place. Integrate your CRM system with a chatbot platform and other tools to have all of the data at your fingertips. That way your team members can access all of this information, including even conversations with bots, to offer the best solutions. As well as this, bots can access interactions and shopping histories in order to provide personalized answers to customers' questions.

For example, Chatbotize Inbox is an integrated, multi-channel inbox that allows you and your team to answer customer questions flowing from various chat channels in one safe place. Thanks to this solution, agents can answer via Messenger even if they do not have access to the brand's Facebook page. The most significant benefit of using Chatbotize Inbox is that your bot can teach itself based on agents' answers across all channels that are used for customer service in your company. How does it work? First, the system suggests answers so that agents can respond faster. Once a given answer is chosen several times, the system will consider it correct. You can manage these answers in the Recommended Topics section.

Boost self-service

Probably almost every company website has a section with frequently asked questions. It is an excellent method for reducing the number of inquiries to the customer service team because customers can find answers faster by themselves. Nevertheless, this requires a bit of effort on the part of the website visitor. With chatbots you can make your FAQs conversational, more engaging, faster and more accessible. Instead of looking through pages with questions, your customers can ask them to a bot and get an instant answer.

Do not replace customer service agents

Even though chatbots can be a huge help for your team and improve efficiency and morale, human-agents can not be fully replaced. Some people simply do not feel comfortable making conversation with bots. Therefore, enable an easy handover to agents whenever it is needed. That way, everyone can be satisfied with the provided help.

Be proactive!

Thanks to chatbots and automation, you can interact with customers more often, nurture leads and show that you care about them. Once in a while, or based on your customers' behaviour on your website, you can ask if everything is fine and if you can help in any way. Prepare a short survey with just a few essential questions to find out if your customers are satisfied with your products or services.

How to create a chatbot?

Whether you are thinking about implementing a bot in a live chat on your website, in Messenger, in WhatsApp or even a voice bot, you can take advantage of chatbot platforms such as Chatbotize to create bots in just a few minutes. With its ready-to-use plugins that make the whole process extremely easy, you don’t need any coding skills! Via Chatbotize you can set up a bot that will answer customers' questions automatically, respond to Facebook comments, send a newsletter in Messenger, distribute promo codes, or engage your customers with frames, quizzes, voting and much more. Check out all the possibilities: Chatbotize plugins.


To deliver excellent customer support, you need to stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies. In the end, customer satisfaction should be the most important thing for you and your coworkers. Implementing smart bots in Messenger and live chat on your website can significantly improve the customer experience and help you increase revenue.