Getting started with Chatbotize

BY Chatbotize Team
7 months ago
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You've created an account, so you can finally use Chatbotize to its full extent! :) Perhaps you're wondering where should you start and what should be configured first? Don't worry - in this article we'll guide you through the first steps that you need to take in the world of chatbots ;)


At the very beginning, you need to configure basic responses for the chatbot - this is done in the Start section of the plugins menu:


We see three tabs here: welcome message, end of activity and don't understand. Now we can go through each of them and configure exactly what they are responsible for.

The Welcome message tab

Just like every story has its beginning, every conversation has its own point of view :) In this tab, you should configure the message that the bot will say when welcoming the user, each time that user chooses to write to him. Our experience suggests to place a menu with buttons in this spot, so that the user is directed to specific bot functions, i.e. plugins, because users like to have something to do :)

The End of activity tab

The name of this tab sounds a bit mysterious, but in fact, nothing terrible is happening here - it's where you can configure what the chatbot will have to say when a plug activity ends. To make it easier to visualize, let's take the Contest plugin as an example: the activity ends after the user sends in his application and the bot optionally thanks him. The Chatbotize Creator consists of ready-made plugins, each one will come to an end at some point. After each ending, the content you displayed will be shown here - again, in our experience we can share the tip that it is good to put a menu here with the rest of the activities that you prepare for your users :)

The Don't understand tab

The name here is quite self-explanatory - the content in this tab is displayed when the chatbot doesn’t understand something that the user wrote to him, because he did not have sufficient knowledge to answer him. Here, we recommend placing a menu that will allow you to contact a consultant. Don’t worry about the fact that the bot didn’t understand something - you can easily teach it in the AI Consultant, which records all unrecognized questions. AI Consultant? What AI Consultant? What does the AI Consultant do?

AI Consultant

It is the "brains" of all your chatbots and his configuration screen looks like this:


Just like in the Start section, we are welcomed by tabs here too, this time four: topics, unrecognized questions, quality assurance and recommended topics. Let's carefully go through each of them now. After all, you have to be careful with the brain, right? ;)

The Topics tab

This is where the list of topics that your chatbot can comment on is included. In the list you can see if the topic is currently running, i.e. whether the chatbot will respond to it, how many times it has been viewed by users and, if you activate the quality assurance option (read about it below :)), how many users have marked it as helpful or not.

How to add a new topic? It's basically effortless! Just click the + Add topic button, which is marked in green in the image. This will redirect you to the view creating a new topic that looks like this:


At the very top, in the Enter the title field, enter the title of your new topic - don't worry, your users can't see it;) Then configure the phrases to activate this topic - enter them one by one in the Write a phrase and hit Enter... field, pressing Enter after each of them :) Now you have to decide how your bot should react - should it respond with messages that you configure in the creator below (Respond with message), whether it should go to a specific plugin (Go to plugin), or if it should respond with a random message that you can configure on each tab (Respond with a random message). Once you fully configure the topic, don't forget to turn it on! To do this, press the switch located under the word Enabled - if it lights up green, it means that the topic will be activated. It WILL be activated, because to start off your new topic, you still need ... Save the changes ;) Click the green Save button in the upper right corner of the page and voila!

The Unrecognized questions tab


This is where you will find all the questions that your chatbot didn't know the answer to. You can browse through this list to find out what information your users are looking for and then easily educate the bot - all you have to do is mark the items you are interested in and then create a new topic for them (Create new topic button). If you just want to attach a question to an existing topic, you can also do it by pressing the Add to existing topic button. It may also happen that users will simply spam to the bot - in this case it is best to archive spam :)

The Quality Assurance tab

In this tab you can ask your users to express their opinion on the answers given by the chatbot - whether they are helpful or not very good and it would be appropriate to include more information in them.

The Recommended topics tab

This is where the real magic takes place - this list includes suggestions for new topics that have been automatically proposed on the basis of questions asked by users. You just browse through them and decide if you want to implement them into the bot knowledge base or not. How does it work? You can read about it below in the dedicated Chatbotize Inbox section, because for now you have one more small thing to do - you need to connect your chatbot to the fanpage :)

Connecting the chatbot to a fanpage

Connect the chatbot to the fanpage, so that users can finally converse with it - it’s done here:


The connection process is very easy: just press the Continue with Facebook button on the left, log in to your Facebook account and connect it to the fanpage of your choice. That's it! :)

What can I do now?

You can now start your creative path of chatbot adventures! Now that everything is set up and ready to go, it's time to add some plugins! :) At the start, we suggest you familiarize yourself with how plugins such as Contest, Randomizer and Frames work and try to set up your first quiz, which is pretty darn easy :)

You can also configure Chatbotize Inbox, which is our solution in the context of customer service, which allows you to maintain the convenience and comfort of services rendered in this field :)

Chatbotize Inbox

To start your adventure with Inbox, you must first connect it to the bot - to do this, go to the hook menu and press the Continue with Facebook button on the right:


Then just log in to Facebook, select the page whose inbox should be visible in Inbox and voila! :) Now all you have to do is go to Facebook and select the page settings, and from there, go to the Advanced Messaging menu:


Then, in the connected applications section, press the Configure button:


Set the Primary Receiver for the Handover Protocol to Chatbotize and the Secondary Receiver for the Handover Protocol to Chatbotize Inbox:


That's all! Chatbotize Inbox is already configured :) Let's now go to its main panel. From the level of the main menu of the platform select the icon of a person located in the lower left corner. A pop-up menu will appear in which you click on Inbox:


You’ll see this view:


The items in the top left menu are: Inbox, Postponed and All.


Inbox contains all of your currently active conversations with clients. You can view them, reply to them, add them to the list for later and mark them as completed. Then the user will return to regular conversation with your chatbot.


In the Postponed tab, you’ll find the conversations with your users, that you have deferred. Perhaps some topic required action that lasted one or two days, then from this list you can go back to the user with such a problem.


Here are all the conversations that have ever gone through you and your consultants.

Now let's move to the bottom of the menu. Here from above are:

  • notification settings - you can decide if you want to receive notifications regarding new messages; if you choose to, you'll receive a Web Push with notification of a new message;
  • status settings - while quite small and inconspicuous, they manage message prioritization and queuing; three statuses are available:
    1. Active - means that the consultant is active and will be prioritized when awarding topics;
    2. Break - means that the consultant is currently on a break and will not receive new topics, but this time will be included in the statistics;
    3. Away - means the consultant is out of work and will not receive new topics.
  • user panel - from which you can go to Chatbotize Creator, change your password or log out :)

And that's it!

Believe it or not, but that's all! You’ve just learned the basics of our entire platform! We encourage you to experiment with the possibilities that Chatbotize gives you - mix different plugins to achieve new, astonishing results that will make the users love your chatbot.