Chatbotize 2.0

BY Maja Schaefer
8 months ago
Chatbotize - Chatbot

We are super excited to show you what we have been working on over the past few months. Chatbotize 2.0 is finally here for all of you! This solution revolutionizes conversational marketing. What have we introduced that we allow ourselves to describe is as a "revolution"?

Because this is the inbox you dreamed of!

We present to you the... Chatbotize Inbox - a powerful tool among the entire set of the ones we offer. It is an integrated, multi-channel inbox that allows you and your team to answer customer questions flowing from various chat channels in one safe place.

Why did we decide to create Chatbotize Inbox?

  1. Facebook limits the inboxes of brands many customers write to.
  2. To respond to Messenger, the consultant must have the right fanpage privileges, as it regards security issues.
  3. Our clients needed a place from which they can reply to messages coming from many channels.
  4. And finally ... we wanted to find a smarter and faster way to train your chatbots!

Let's focus on the last point. In Chatbotize Inbox, your chatbot can learn by itself! All thanks to the valuable daily work of consultants who bravely answer your (potential) customers' questions. How does that work? The system, based on the answers given by the consultants, suggests which answer you could give. If a given suggestion is selected several times, the system will consider it correct and in the section AI Consultant -> Recommended Topics you will see ... Ready-made topics with answers and a set of customer questions! This way, you can train your chatbot with one click. Isn't that great?


We've also added many additional features to Chatbotize Inbox that will streamline your daily work - queuing, advanced reports, the ability to redirect threads - and this is just the beginning!

However, we could not launch such a large project without first checking whether it works correctly - After thorough, internal tests, we implemented Chatbotize Inbox for selected clients, including InPost and Aviva. With great success! That's why we can give you a guarantee that Chatbotize Inbox is doing great even with a really heavy load.

Now you can start using Chatbotize Inbox - just one click, log in via Facebook and voilĂ ! Amazing, how easy this is, right?

It's a revolutionary live chat with a web push mechanism!

From now on you can have Chatbotize on your website! We have created a dedicated widget (live chat) for websites - Chatbotize Chat. Of course, you can run all the great activations that you have already set up on Chatbotize, and also talk to users 1-1 using Chatbotize Inbox.


Has the user left the chat? This is no longer a problem! Chatbotize Chat is integrated with the web push mechanism. What does this mean for you? You can send completely free messages to a customer with a special offer, discount or engaging activity - he will get a notification in his browser and with one click will go to your chat!

Zrzut ekranu 2019-10-30 o 10.16.13

Zrzut ekranu 2019-10-30 o 10.16.48

These are completely new channels!

Our goal is to revolutionize the way brands interact with customers and how customers interact with brands. Therefore, we would not be ourselves if we were limited to only one or two channels. We have integrated Chatbotize with Google Assistant and WhatsApp. Yes, you can now use Chatbotize to create a voice bot! If you would like to run your bot on Google Assistant or WhatsApp - please contact our team [email protected]


We've put in thousands of hours of work to make your conversational marketing adventure even more enjoyable and bring spectacular results. We hope you enjoy the new features! We wish you the best of Chatbotize 2.0 experience and remember - if you have any questions, we are always at your service!


Chatbotize Team