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Chatbot in gastronomy? 5 use cases, which revolutionize your business

BY Chatbotize Team
5 months ago

Gastronomy is a sector that requires a special focus on multidimensional customer service. Although theoretically the most important is the taste and somehow served dishes, one can not forget about the way a visitor has to go before he sits at our table. To effectively encourage and later retain a potential client, it is worth using the chatbot, which will not only help us, but also raise our service somehow to the next level.

1. Chatbot will accept a table reservation

With the current technological trends, arranging by the Messenger without engaging the trainer seems to be a natural step. It can be done by chatbot. In this case, the trainer creates several types of classes and sets the booking rules. Then he can enjoy notifications about appointments. It can save you a few hours a week in such a simple way.

2. Show the menu to the customer, or let chatbot do it for you

It is enough for a potential guest to interact with the bot, and the latter will be happy to present him the menu offered by the restaurant. Chatbot can also offer specific dishes based on information about the preferences of the client. The visitor will save a lot of time searching the site and will receive a personalized menu proposal.


3. Chatbot will remind the customer what the dish of the day is today

Is your restaurant serving a different lunch every day? The card has its own dish of the week? Let chatbot remind your guests about it. Every morning, a short message will be sent informing you of the lunch of the day served by the restaurant or the information that the dish of the day has changed. Daily menu is too much? Chatbot can remind you once a week by sending suggestions for the whole week ahead.

4. Chcesz zbudować sieć lojalnych klientów? Wykorzystaj chatbota!

Regularne wizyty w lokalu i interakcje z chatbotem mogą zostać wykorzystane do zbudowania programu lojalnościowego w Twojej restauracji. Wysyłanie promocji, oferowanie rabatów, a nawet zdobywanie i przeliczanie tradycyjnych „pieczątek” - to wszystko z łatwością możesz zautomatyzować, właśnie dzięki chatbotowi.

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5. Chatbot will accept the take-out order

Do you offer take-away meals? Great, chatbot will gladly accept orders placed by customers. For the client it will be a more natural process and less time-consuming than searching the portals or switching to a dedicated application. Talking to a bot on a messenger is like talking to a friend - so let your premises bot become an online companion of your clients.

As you can see, chatbot has many applications - both for network premises, small gastronomy, as well as mobile ones. And because the topic is developing rapidly, these ideas are just the beginning of chatbotowe opportunities.