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6 ideas for X-Mas activities for your chatbot

BY Maja Schaefer
a month ago
Chatbotize - Chatbot

Pre-Christmas time is a great moment to engage your users, but also to gain new ones. We have created a list of a dozen ideas for you - I hope that some of you will inspire you to carry out the Christmas activation!

Letter to Santa Claus

Who of us did not write letters to Saint Nicholas? Who? Let users return to their childhood and organize a competition (use the Contest module), in which the task will be to write a letter to Mikołaj. Do you run an online store? Do you sell services? Or maybe your products are available stationary? Excellently! Let the participants of the competition write a letter in which they will explain why they want to get your product so much for Christmas. The reward can be, for example, a rebate code (Promo Codes module) for the product described in the list.

The competition for the most creative Christmas tree

Christmas tree is a key element of Christmas customs. We attach a lot of weight to it! Organize a competition (use the Contest module with the Photo option), in which the task will be to send a picture of a decorated Christmas tree (you can ask users to creatively mock the reference to your brand on your Christmas tree!).

Which Christmas food are you? 😁🐟

Who does not love quizzes? Especially those that generate fun results? Let's do a Christmas quiz! Which Christmas food are you? What Christmas song suits you better - Last Christmas or All I Want For Christmas Is You? Do you know Christmas customs well? I bet you are just smiling to your own ideas for Christmas quizzes. 😀🎄 Use the module Quiz - let your creativity bear! You can test an example of a Christmas quiz here -

Advent Calendar

Count down to Christmas with your users! Using the Broadcast module, send notifications every day. Depending on the industry, you can customize this idea and, for example:

  • send every day a different promotion for your products, eg rebate, free to buy, free shipping
  • send Christmas inspirations, quotes, recipes
  • send a different, free "digital product" every day, e.g. graphics, photo, article

Santa, I am asking you for a rebate code very nicely ...

Configure the AI Consultant module, which will respond to specific phrases entered by the user. Then send a notification (module Broadcast ) to users (or encourage them with other channels such as post on FB) that you have prepared for them, for example, a promotional code, but they must nicely ask Nicholas to reveal this secret information or to guess a secret password;)

Christmas brand hero!

If your chatbot is a character (what we encourage!), Do not forget to add a festive atmosphere to him! :)


I hope that we have inspired you to celebrate the pre-Christmas period and start special functions in chatbot! We keep our fingers crossed for your creativity - be sure to let us know what you've prepared for the holidays in your bota. Ho, ho, ho!