5 Tips How To Improve Marketing In The Film Industry

BY Matt Radomski
20 days ago
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In the past years, the cinematic market worldwide grew incredibly – in 2018, the number of tickets sold in the US, and Canada was just over 1.3 billion units, 61 million more compared to 2017! If you work in marketing, then you're doing your best to encourage people to cinemas and watching movies, and you are doing a great job. However, there is still much potential in this field to uncover. Despite extensive advertising efforts by platforms like Netflix or HBO Go, customers are still vouching for cinemas. How could conversational marketing be of use to you so that the number of customers going to the cinema keeps increasing?

1. Vote!

There are a lot of premieres airing each year. This fact translates into an immense marketing potential, especially on the chat communication channels. What do we mean by that? You can perform votings, in which the customers would tell you which premiere they await the most. By profiling them, you learn their preferences, and that enables you to send them personalized offers in the future. Remember: no one likes losing, so it’s likely that the users will share the poll with their friends! Just think about how much interest around your brand will this create! ;)

2. Try quizzes

Cinematographic quizzes are great ways of immersing your client into the world of a movie they recently watched or are about to. Set up a quiz that will let him check which character from, for example, Toy Story they are - Woody, Buzz, or maybe Andy? There is much to gain here: you are profiling your customer, and simultaneously, keeping him engaged in activities related to your brand and the cinematic market.

3. Perform contests

The consumers are more likely to choose a brand which offered them discounts or other beneficial offers in the past. The cinematic market allows for many such deals: there is no reason as to why shouldn’t you perform a contest connected to the premiere of a new movie. As a simple example, imagine that there is a new installment in the Harry Potter series, so let’s create a photo-contest “My most magical adventure with Harry Potter.” As it goes for the reward, that’s also quite simple: the contestants could win free tickets for the upcoming premiere!

4. Puzzles

There are a lot of movies out there, aren’t there? ;) And – as you know – each of them has a story to tell. Chatbots give us the possibility to implement compelling and amusing puzzles for your customers to think about daily. As an example, let’s think of such a sequence of emojis: 👨🏾👴🏻⚫👽 Do you know, what movie title is hidden within them? Yep, you’re right: it’s “Men in Black”! Such puzzles are an excellent strategy to keep your client engaged; what’s more, you could reward them with – for example – free popcorn or a ticket discount!

5. Newsletter

Think about it – mails from brands have an open-rate of roughly 20%. On the other hand, push notifications from Messenger reach an open-rate of nearly 88%! Are you still thinking whether it’s worth it? Start a Messenger newsletter in which you could inform your client about the newest productions that are coming to your cinema, but don’t forget about creative content, too. Include reviews, opinions, jokes – everything that can entertain your (potential) client :)

As you can see, engaging your users in various activities is dead easy. All you need is a chatbot and a bit of creativity – the customers naturally feel the desire to be involved in appealing actions. Also, you must have already thought of using the chatbot to fulfill partner agreements. You can perform quizzes, puzzles, and contests for your partner in the chatbot – the possibilities are endless! Should you have any questions regarding conversational marketing, then don't hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts is here for you!