4 creative Valentine campaigns that will impress your audience

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BY Radana
5 months ago
Idea for the best Valentine's campaign.

"Love is everywhere.."...hmm wait! But isn't it again the same old song?... Yes, and what's more no one listens anymore! Luckily we have 🤖chatbots that let our mind think out from the box 🗃 when it comes to designing original, effective and highly engaging campaigns.

We have prepared for you 4 Valentine's campaign ideas that will:

  1. Boost your audience engagement
  2. Sell your products & promote your offers
  3. Generate new leads

1. What is love?

Ask your audience to teach your chatbot more about what love actually is! Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to start working on the character and emotional intelligence of your bot ;)

Use the Quiz plugin to design your campaign. You can also go a step further and extend the chatbot's learning challenge, for example: for a few days in a row you can send a different quiz questions to engage user multiple times.

How to design your campaign?

  • Design your campaign at least for 5 days (include here time till your promotion and ads will start)
  • The goal of the campaign would be to generate leads and promote your brand via chatbot personality
  • Set up the Quiz plugin with the following intention: each quiz question will lead to a character that your audience will design for your chatbot, i.e. teach him something more about what love is in human world. In this way you will give a strong tool into the hand of your clients as you will allow him to create your brand with you.

Now that your quiz is ready, create a charming and fun advertisement visual for it. Make the original idea of your campaign stand out also in the image!

Do not forget the campaign does not finish with the quiz! Use the information you have collected from the campaign up till now to execute even more engaging interaction with yout chatbot, for example:

  • "Hey, our results shows that Zenon is extremely generous. Hence, he would like to send you a promotional code on our products - also he is sending you his best regards!"
  • "93% of users said that Zenon likes listening to music. It's time to decide which - vote and help us to choose his musical favourites!"
  • Thank you to the users, taking into account the new "personality traits" of your chatbot.

Remember sometimes communication and element of involvement is a key to success!

Custom Preset 2

2. Create Valentine's wish list

Give to your fans the possibility to create a customized Valentine's wishlist from products in your e-shop or a selection of products/offers created for Valentine's day. Surely, you can within few steps create Valentine's gift guide but let's be different this year! Give your customers what they want, especially on such an occasion as Valentine's day.

Moreover, thanks to the Share plugin they can easily send it to their halves or friends to make them engage in this experience with them. Simply with our Share plugin create a sharable & viral "Valentine's wish list" that everybody will create.

3. Discover the secret message!

Teach your chatbot (thanks to AI Consultant plugin or Emoji pluing) the most famous love quotes and let your audience open them with the right keyword...this will be fun! Engage your audience for as long as you need every day. Their task will be to “ discover the secret message that includes the most famous love messages of all times."

How to set up the campaign?

  • Plan the campaign for 3-4 day maximum, make it intensive but much more engaging!
  • Set a a set up special keywords in the AI Consultant that will need to be guessed by your audience
  • Only if they guess it the AI Consultant plugin will reveal them message with a special surprise (an incentive from you for the hard work)
  • Of course to not let your customer spent hours on trying to open the bottle, send them triggers and hack through the Broadcast plugin

Remember to send a thank you message to all participants and invite them to other activities your chatbot has prepared for you :)

4. With what film star you will spend Valentine's day with? ;)

You do not have a lot of time to design your Valentine's campaign? No problem, chatbots will save you time and help you design the right campaign in few moments. Create a quiz, for example: "What movie star suits you the best?" :) Be sure to share the quiz with your friends - who knows, maybe your quiz will become a viral?

Launch simple yet effective fun to do campaigns, that will give your marketing team the opportunity to be creative and original. Furthermore, the results in both, lead generation and sales, will absolutely blow your mind!

What would be your idea for the most original Valentine's campaign? Well, if you still do not have time to come up with it, let us know and our team of agents will take care it!